Monday, April 16, 2007

Silent Vigil for Coca-Cola Workers

With only two months until UIUC's exclusive contract with Coca-Cola expires, it's time to take action. On April 18th, join fellow coalition members outside of Swanlund administration building to remind the Chancellor that UIUC should not do business with Coca-Cola due to the company's human rights violations in Colombia, India, Turkey, and Indonesia.


Silent Vigil for Coca-Cola Workers
Wednesday, April 18th
Swanlund Administration Building (504 East John St. at 6th St. in Champaign)


If you can't make the action, please call Chancellor Herman at 217-333-6290 to urge him to break the silence and make a public statement that Coca-Cola or any company with human rights violations will not be allowed on campus. It's fast, easy and effective, so please don't hesitate any longer! Here's a sample text:

-Introduce yourself as student/staff/faculty/community member.

-"I am calling to express my concerns over the continued silence of the Chancellor's office concerning the University's plans for any future business relationship with Coca-Cola. The company is responsible for environmental degradation and unsafe products in India, not to mention human and labor rights violations in other parts of the world . I urge the University of Illinois administration to take an ethical stand on this issue and join the campus community that says NO to Coke and any other corporations that put profits over sustainability and safety. I further urge you to make a public statement that Coca-Cola will not be allowed on campus as soon as possible.

-After calling, please email to let us know how many calls were made.